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Our Vision

To prepare the world’s youths to become responsible global citizens striving to create a more sustainable future

Our Mission

To serve as a global action platform for students to discover, share and implement their ideas, visions and hopes for creating a better, more sustainable world

Our Objectives

1. We aim to reach 200 students in 40 different countries
We live in a world that is more interconnected and interdependent than ever. As a result, cooperation and collaboration across national borders, regions, continents, and the entire planet are key to creating a more sustainable future. With this in mind, SDG Youth aims to bring together future leaders from all 193 United Nations member states onto a single platform for cooperation and collaboration, and effectively provide the resources needed for transforming ideas into action
2. We aim to create and complete 30 different campaign, research, volunteer, and internship projects
Because SDG Youth is a student action platform, we emphasize concrete action more than anything. Our success is measured by the quantity and quality of work performed by our students. In order to ensure the greatest quantity and quality of work, we encourage member students to participate in up to two projects at the same time, applying the lessons they have learned from one project to another. This way, students will not only be exposed to a greater number of SDG topics, but also learn to work together as a team under a common goal and purpose.
3. We aim to create 5 permanent Action Teams, each with its own unique cause, specialty, and strategy for advancing the SDGs
The vast diversity of passions and interests of our member students is what drives our organization forward. In order to accommodate as many passions and interests as possible, we will be gradually increasing the number of permanent Action Teams that promote the SDGs with their own unique cause, specialty, and sttrategy. We also welcome students to pursue their own individual or team projects within each Action Team as well as to take a leading role in creating new Action Teams.
4. We aim to expand our offices to major cities around the world, creating a tight network of regional offices that individually promote the SDGs in their respective regions but also work together to bring about greater change on the global scale.

Our Strategy

1. Action
As a student action platform, SDG Youth is about giving ambitious and aspiring future leaders from around the world the opportunity to take the lead in creating a better world under the framework of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Our organization’s philosophy stems from the belief that it takes more than just will and passion to create a lasting impact. We believe that concrete action backed by passion and strong will is the only solution to moving forward, to creating a better world. It is in this spirit that we offer students the chance to become the leader of their dreams – a diplomat, a scholar, a scientist, a businessman or businesswoman, an activist, an engineer, or any other profession – by taking part in, and even leading, the day-to-day operations of a global nonprofit organization. We strongly believe that through hands-on experience, students will be able to not only develop a clear sense of what they would like to do as responsible global citizens, but also create meaningful impact on the local and global stages.
2. Initiative
Climate change, global refugee crisis, international conflict, hunger, poverty, limited access to education, gender inequality, social inequality, and the lack of clean water and sanitation are all our generation’s challenges. SDG Youth provides the perfect platform for young leaders to take the initiative in addressing these global challenges in new and innovative ways. Our members are highly encouraged to form and lead their own Action Teams to conduct research, engage in global campaigns, and plan volunteer projects with the support of our organization’s talented members and globally renowned mentors. Our programs are designed to ensure that young leaders from all over the world have knowledge of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, have opportunities to engage with the goals they are passionate about, and have pathways to take action on them in their communities and beyond.
3. Connectivity
Our main office is based in Seoul, South Korea, but most of our work is done online. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can work on your team’s research project with your teammates while you commute to school, while you wait for your next class during study hall, or even while you are out relaxing on the beach. However, this is not to say that our work is entirely limited to remote activities over the internet. In line with our organization’s core belief that action is what drives change, our work extends beyond these virtual spaces to offline, physical spaces in the form of local volunteer activities, internships, and global campaigns. The key is that our organization strives to connect young leaders from all over the world, train them to become effective agents of change today, and promote student action in realizing the Sustainable Development Goals - in creating a better world.
4. Collective Action
Global problems demand global solutions, and global solutions require the collective wisdom and action of all those involved – that is, everyone. It is our role, as the first global action platform for the world’s youths, to facilitate the organization of a collective effort, based on cooperation and collaboration, for advancing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
5. Guidance
Our member students receive close guidance from global leaders – diplomats from intergovernmental organizations, university professors, staff members from global humanitarian aid organizations, businessmen and businesswomen etc – and university mentors to plan and implement their projects. We expect our member students to do the same – to guide their communities, the world, and the future generation in developing innovative solutions to address the world’s biggest challenges.
6. Inclusion
We adamantly believe that no student should be deterred from pursuing their passions and achieving great things due to his or her background. We welcome students from all over the world to join our initiative, regardless of their race, gender, nationality, religion, or financial background. For this reason, we offer merit-based scholarships for exemplary students who show great potential for achieving great things.